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Business Law (Text and Cases)

The study of business law and, more generally, the legal environment of business has universal applicability. A student entering virtually any field of business must have at least a passing understanding of business law in order to function in the real world. Additionally, students preparing for a career in accounting, government and political science, economics,and even medicine can use much of the information they learn in a business law and legal environment course.In fact,every individual throughout his or her lifetime can benefit from a knowledge of contracts, real property law, landlord-tenant relationships, and other topics. Consequently, we have fashioned this text as a useful “tool for living”for all of your students (including those taking the CPA exam).

For the Eleventh Edition,we have spent a great deal of effort making this book more contemporary,exciting,and visually appealing than ever before to encourage your students to learn the law. We have also designed many new features and special pedagogical devices that focus on the legal, ethical, global, and e-commerce environments,while addressing core curriculum requirements. What Is New in the Eleventh Edition Instructors have come to rely on the coverage,accuracy,and applicability of Business Law. To make sure that our text engages your students’interests,solidifies their understanding of the legal concepts presented, and provides the best teaching tools available,we now offer the following items either in the text or in conjunction with the text.

New Insight Features For the Eleventh Edition,we have created three special new Insight features—Insight into E-Commerce,
Insight into Ethics, and Insight into the Global Environment. These features, which appear in selected chapters, provide valuable insights into how the courts and the law are dealing with specific contemporary issues.Each of these features ends with a criticalthinking question that explores some cultural, environmental,political,social,or technological aspect of the issue.

1. Insight into E-Commerce—When the topic involves some new technology or how the Internet is affecting a particular area of law, we include an Insight into E-Commerce feature. For example, Chapter 1 contains an Insight into E-Commerce feature on How the Internet Is Expanding Precedent, Chapter 8 has a feature on Search Engines Versus Copyrights, and Chapter 41 includes a feature on Moving Company Information to the Internet.

2. Insight into Ethics—When the topic has ethical implications,we include an Insight into Ethics feature. For example, Chapter 2’s Insight into Ethics feature is entitled Implications of an Increasingly Private Justice System, Chapter 14’s feature addresses Internet Click Fraud, and Chapter 51’s feature covers An Auditor’s Duty to Correct Certified Opinions.

3. Insight into the Global Environment— Because business transactions today are increasingly global, we have also included a feature that discusses global implications or explains how foreign nations deal with a particular topic.For example,there is an Insight into the Global Environment feature in Chapter 5 titled Breach of Trust Issues Hit Major German Corporations, one in Chapter 19 on International Use and Regulation of the Internet,and one in Chapter 42 on Moving Your Small Business Online:Seller Beware….

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