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A theory of justice

“In presenting a theory of justice I have tried to bring together into one coherent view the ideas expressed in the papers I have written over the past dozen years or so. All of the central topics of these essays are taken up again, usually in considerably more detail. The further questions required to round out the theory are also discussed. The exposition falls into three parts. The first part covers with much greater elaboration the same ground as “Justice as Fairness” (1958) and “Distributive Justice: Some Addenda” (1968), while the three chapters of the second part correspond respectively, but with many additions, to the topics of “Constitutional Liberty” (1963), “Distributive Justice” (1967), and “Civil Disobedience” (1966). The second chapter of the last part covers the subjects of “The Sense of Justice” (1963). Except in a few places, the other chapters of this part do not parallel the published essays. Although the main ideas are much the same, I have tried to eliminate inconsistencies and to fill out and strengthen the argument at many points.” (PREFACE)

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